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     Welcome to the Adoption Knowledge Center


    We believe that the adoption of ideas and sharing about what we know with others will extend our impact across communities to educate families and individuals about adoption, fostering, homeless youth, mentoring,  parenting and supporting a child. Our knowledge center is an ever-growing library of stories, tools, lessons. As you learn from us and our subject matter experts, we’re hoping to have an impact on how the world lends a hand to meet the needs of children without caring adults in their lives.

    This site isn’t only about adoption. It is about the many ways individuals can gain knowledge about what to do, where to go and what is happening worldwide with abandoned youth (including the people and organizations helping them).

    • 80% of communities would like to be more knowledgeable about how to help abandoned and at risk children
    • 71% of individuals would like to have opportunities to meet children in foster care
    • 68% of prospective families would like to be more knowledgeable about the adoption and fostering process
    •  60% of adoptive families would like to have access to post adoption services
    • 56% of church goers would like their faith-based organization to provide information about children in need
    • 45% of people think about adoption, but never go any further than the thought




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